This is a whole-systems approach to medicine. The body is a complex adaptive system that is constantly working to maintain optimal equilibrium. Disease symptoms develop when the system is unable to successfully adapt to a particular stress/situation. Disease symptoms are a red flag identifying an underlying disorder in the system. Symptoms are the messengers and not the cause of the disease. Disease symptoms dissipate (sometimes effortlessly) when the underlying cause is treated/removed. Dr. Bakir ND works with each client to find and treat the underlying cause and improve the function of the whole system using the most efficient and appropriate means. She uses her extensive clinical experience and knowledge of naturopathic treatment modalities to enable the person to achieve whole health, balance, and self-regulation. Teaching is an integral part of medicine. Clients learn how to regain and maintain optimal function. The above is achieved through a thorough 2-hour initial intake. During the initial intake, the client is asked to describe all of his/her symptoms, presents any recent lab reports and answer questions regarding past medical history. A complaint-oriented physical exam is performed and the client may be requested to undergo further laboratory testing if necessary. Following this, an analysis of the client's condition is made and the most appropriate treatment is presented to the client. Follow up visits are 45-60min and occur every 3-5 weeks or on an as need basis. Dr. Bakir ND also provides treatment calls, outside clinic hours, for acute/urgent conditions via phone or skype.

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